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All Inclusive Vacation Home

Added: May 16, 2016
Category: What's up

‘All-Inclusive Vacation Rentals In beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake’

When planning a vacation, getting all the extras can seem like a daunting task. It’s easy to assume that an all-inclusive package is only available at a resort. Have no fear! Niagara Holiday Rentals vacation home rental properties come with all the extras, big and small, that make planning your trip a breeze. You can get all the privacy of a private vacation home plus the amenities of a 5 Star resort with Niagara Holiday Rentals!



Our vacation homes come equipped with a full kitchen. With glassware, dinner ware, pots, pans, and serving bowls! We even supply the dish soap for hand washing or dishwasher, plus dish towels.

If the idea of cooking on vacation sends you to the drive-thru, relax! Niagara Holiday Rentals can give you the name of a personnel chef to come and make amazing gourmet meals.

All our dining rooms have enough seating for everyone that means the whole family can eat together. Not having to cook for all of them is even better!



All are vacation homes beds are top quality mattress with bed bug protectors and mattress pads for your protection! We supply all linens, blankets and comforter in our vacation home for you!

Every guest is supplied with a set of towels from a bath towel to face cloth and hand towel!



All Niagara Holiday Rentals vacation homes come with BBQ/grills, we supply the propane and a spare tank so you never have to worry about running out of propane when BBQ/grilling. There is a patio table and seating for everyone!


Niagara Holiday Rentals wants your experience to be top of the line. Additional services like airport transfers, baby sitting and nanny services, and spa treatments are easy to arrange. Niagara Holiday Rentals has a  list of preferred service providers for our guests and we include things like discount coupons for the winery’s , chocolate factory and the best restaurants, golf courses, museums, and family activities

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