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Aug 6 to 13 2013

Added: Aug 05, 2013
Category: Stuff Eric & Janet Recommend

Just wanted to get you thinking about your stay and what you’d like to do while you are here!  Not only am I excited that you will be our guest but… my Mother-in-law and her best friend, Edna, are arriving from North Carolina for a week!   Eric’s Mom is a real southern peach…and that’s perfect timing for our very own peach festival! Yep that’s right, this weekend is the highly anticipated annual  peach festival with peach ice-cream , peach pie, peach cobbler, peach bread, peach on a stick, peach punch and  just plain old tree ripened peaches!   Just don’t ask Eric to join to share in the peach frivolity,,,,, you’ll get stuck listening to his lifelong lament about peach ice cream!


In addition to all the normal stuff, like the plays at the Shaw, the events at Fort George, walking tours, winery events, culinary events,  and just chillin’ at your vacation home, here are a couple of things going on in town that you might find worth checking out!


Click on this link for up-to-date weather forecasts:


As always we have the farmer’s market Saturday mornings and Wednesday early evening,  by the Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot on Hwy 55, across from Jackson Trigg’s.   Food trucks, local farm produce, local bakeries and crafts …. So much fun, but best to bring cash!!


While you are here, you might want to know about some local events:

·         Music Niagara continues with its series of concerts!  If you can’t make it they have an amazing schedule of events this year and free Music Mondays!  This Sunday at Simcoe park is also a free concert of amazing Japanese drums celebrating their music and culture!


·         Neat stuff in the vineyards

o    Saturday Trius has Blues at the Winery – 2 concerts, gates open a 2:00 pm and performances are  4 and  8pm – various prices.

o    Peller has a signature dining experience Barrel Cellar Dinner – 5 course tasting menu (don’t eat anything all day and you might get through it!!) 1-888-673-5537 ext 2 or

o    Peller is also offering a Culinary Voyeur experience…it’s a back stage pass to watch the action, includes parkiling wine, canapés and secrets…oh and if that isn’t enough a 7 course tasting menu.   1-888-673-5537 ext 2

o    Beer in the vineyard… well Stratus has teamed up with Oast to provide a Sip & Hops experience every Sunday at 11:30 am! … little early for me, but hey, I’m not on holiday!

o    Strewn has complimentary Sangria tasting at 10:am on Monday the 29thWinemakers Luncheon with Klaus W Reif at 12:30 Pm Saturday Aug 3rd. $60 905-468-9463


·         Peaches, Peaches and more Peaches.  The festival is now 2 days long from Aug 10th to the 11th, from peach pie competitions to live music to face painting and everything peach you can imagine!!  They are closing the main street but also lost of stuff going on at St Vincent de Paul Church on the corner of Picton and Wellington.


·         For your artistic pleasure there is a Sunday afternoon art show at the Pump House

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