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minim stay 3 nights on all holiday's and July and August

Added: Mar 01, 2015
Category: For Vacation Home Owners

In 2014 we were successful to increase the average stay to 4 nights for most of our vacation homes.   This is a tough road because the average for Niagara region is 1 to 2 nights!!    We accomomplish this by working with our guests to encourage them to book activities in and around the Niagara Region.  Like my Mum always told me about dating,...'always leave them wanting more'!

There is so much to see and explore in our quaint little town! Anything from Broadway style theatre, world class wineries, 5 star spas, horse drawn carriage rides, jet boat up the mighty Niagara River, and don’t forget the shopping, antiques to boutiques, we got it all! For the foodies there is a multitude of choice, dine out at amazing venues, or bring it back to your vacation home for a more intimate setting.   Better yet, go to some of the amazing food boutique shops, road side stands or local grocers and bring out the gourmet cook in you!!   You will be very happy that you took the extra time to relax and enjoy a mini vacation while living like a local! We are more than just the quaint little town located near Niagara Falls!   We have world class theatre with, you can have a wine tour on bicycles , how about a chocolate making lesson at or an icewine tour that includes the absolutely best thing you’ll ever tasted…ice wine slushy at the History buff? Fort George is always offering interesting tours that are informative and entertaining for the young and the young at heart! Or take a River Boat Cruise along e Niagara River . Bike or walk some of the many historical trails in and around the parks. More adventurous, the jet boat ride up the thundering Niagara River is a thrill of a lifetime! We also have amazing restaurants feature chefs from the food network, or just take a night and kick back with your friends with a horse drawn carriage ride that will drop your off right at your own vacation home!


If you have a larger group, arrange personal tours through or try off a bit of off-roading with !


2 nights just isn’t enough!!  

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