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Go Transit Seasonal Service from Toronto and lots of stops along the way!

Added: Apr 22, 2013
Category: News About NOTL

Go Transit will Operate again Starting June 29th 

From Toronto take the Go train to St Catharine’s then catch the Go Bus to Niagara-on-the-Lake. You can even bring your bicycle!

Running from June 29th to Thanks Giving Weekend October 14th, 2013, this is an excellent way to travel and be stress free!   There is lots of things to do that are an easy walk from anyone of our vacation homes! Or if you want you can rent a bike from Zoom Leisure!!

Some of the finest restaurants and golfing can be just a few steps away. The Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Course is the oldest golf course in North America but also offers excellent dining and is open to the public. Get a spa treatment at Sanctuary Spa, or enjoy the shopping along main street, even walk to get the ingredients for your home cooked meal.   Value Mart is on Queen Street, get your cheese from Cheese Secrets, your Jam from Greeves Jam, your dips from Kurtz Orchard and your wine from the Wine Country Vintners store, all conveniently located!   Don’t want to cook at home, then I’d suggest the Cannery Restaurant (by the bar of course or out by the pool!) or for a view the patio at Tiara Restaurant. But for a real gastronomic treat I like Ginger’s the best!

And start it all by getting your train tickets and bus ticket from

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